Photos by Misty Norman


Wouldn’t you love to just pack up a couple of pro bodies, grab a few L-series telephoto lenses, tell your boss you won’t be in on Monday, and head off on safari? But alas, this is not feasible for many of us. So, a couple of weeks ago we did the next best thing and teamed up with our great friends at Canon Australia to have some fun at Australia Zoo.


Photo by Misty Norman


Never one to come to a party empty-handed, Canon arrived with all the pro gear our little hearts desired. Everyone was invited to grab a body and lens of their choice, before we entered the Zoo for a relaxing and fun-filled Saturday. We wandered around casually as a group, allowing everyone to swap gear and make the most of the range on offer. After a few hours, we paused to enjoy a freshly catered lunch and cool beverage or two, before heading back out around the zoo to continue the fun.


Photo by Vinh Do


We had such a fantastic day wandering around the zoo with all of Canon’s best gear at our fingertips. We plan to organise more photographic experiences like this, so if you’d like to stay up to date on our events, be sure to sign up for our Newsletter and keep an eye on the home page of our website.

Check out some of the amazing wildlife shots captured by our talented customers.




Reilly Wardrope

Photo by Reilly Wardrope

“Going to Australia Zoo with Canon Collective and Camera Pro was absolutely awesome, getting to play with the best and only the best equipment on the planet. Being able to have the oportunity to roam around the park with a Canon body and lens of your choice isnt something you get to do everyday but its possible with the Collective team and Camera Pro!” – Reilly Wardrope




George Kampen

Photo by George Kampen



Who said what?

Photo by Essi Dashtdar

“It was an amazing opportunity to be with Canon Australia and Camera Pro team and using a variety of Canon gears which normally don’t come to my hand that easily. It’s a good feeling when you have a full range of Canon camera bodies and L lenses right in your hand for you to put in practice and try to capture something nice (and in this case very nice, Animals in Australia Zoo!). Can’t wait to join Canon again on other events…” – Essi Dashtdar



Roger Kitchell

Photo by Roger Kitchell

“I really enjoyed the day at Australia Zoo put together by the staff of Camerapro and Canon. There was a wide variety of lenses and camera bodies for Canon users to try and experiment with. The staff at Camerapro and Canon were professional in their knowledge of the equipment used which made the day a day to remember. I can’t wait until the next one.” – Roger Kitchell




Hunter Mills

Photo by Hunter Mills

“This experience allowed me as as 13 year old to able to use the cameras like the 1DX MKII and some larger lenses from Canon. To be at Australia Zoo and get closer to the animals with the 200-400mm was awesome. I captured some great pics to take home and share. Thank you to Camera Pro and Canon for such great event. The food at lunch was excellent also :-)” – Hunter Mills



Di Keough

Photo by Di Keough

“I really enjoyed the event. Canon and Camera Pro combined provided us with a great experience for the day. There were plenty of camera bodies and a variety of lenses available for us all to share. We wandered around Australia Zoo as a group and were able to share the equipment as we went along, ensuring everyone had an opportunity to get the shots they were after. We were all able to capture some great shots. The event was really well organised and even started with a surprise of a $50 gift voucher to spend at Camera Pro for each of us. An excellent lunch was provided to replenish us for the afternoon shoot. I will keep an eye out for future events as this was a great day out.” – Di Keough



Michael Berthold

Photo by Michael Berthold

“We would like to thank CameraPro and Canon Australia for a wonderful day at a great location, that we both enjoyed thoroughly. It was certainly worth the drive to have the opportunity to use the high end equipment that Canon supplied, it gives you an appreciation what difference it makes.” – Michael Berthold



Jane Goleby

Jane Goleby

“We had a fantastic time at the zoo, so much fun using all the Canon gear.  All the staff from both Camera Pro and Canon were amazing, so welcoming and helpful.  We look forward to coming on another event.” – Jane Goleby



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